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  • An innovative 3D-edition of a cult classic
  • Six different game modes.
  • Strategically move diamonds to gain access to score-multiplying bonus levels in Clearing Clusters.
  • Sprint into high scores by quickly combining diamonds in Snazzy Swap.
  • In Falling Stars, your only enemy is the clock. Make rows and columns of diamonds as long as possible, but be careful of overcrowding the playing field!
  • In Pathfinder, move diamonds strategically to keep the paths open.
  • In Moving 4-ward, bonus events will test your gem swapping strategies.
  • In Gravity Switch, up is down and down is up! Use the changing gravity fields to your advantage and gain access to the bonus multiplier levels!
  • Easy to learn gameplay with high replay value
  • State of the art graphics guarantees optical bliss
  • Choose between 2 harmonious sound tracks / music scores
  • Professional voice recordings, with the option to choose between a male and a female voice
  • Supports  3D-ET™ Technology
  • Track your score against others online!
  • Two modes with bonus-levels!
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