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In Clearing Clusters, players touch gems of the same color together to send them into orbit! Touch the clusters of diamonds to clear the hatch and gain access to the score-increasing bonus levels. 

Skillfully combine gems to sprint to a high score in Snazzy Swap. Move single diamonds to rows of at least three: the faster you are, the higher your score!

In Falling Stars your only enemy is the clock. Make vertical and horizontal rows as long as possible, but watch out! If you are careless, you may find your playing field overcrowded with diamonds!

In Pathfinder you not only fight against time, but also against a constantly collapsing path. Move Tania Diamonds strategically to keep paths open for future moves.

In Moving4-ward, move Tania Diamonds to form squares of diamonds into larger clusters all while dealing with surprising bonus events!

In Gravity Switch, use the changing gravity fields to your advantage. Move the whole field left-and-right and up-and-down as you unlock a score-increasing bonus levels by emptying the playing field!
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